How to use hair oil, and it’s not just for your hair

How to use hair oil, and it’s not just for your hair How to use hair oil, and it’s not just for your hair

From taming those pesky flyaways to deep conditioning, hair oils are a versatile, multi-tasking powerhouse and your ticket to elevating your hair game.

From rejuvenation to shine, hair oils are the ultimate elixir

Incorporating an oil to your hair care routine will nurture your strands, nourish the scalp and give your locks the shine it needs to bring your hair back to life.

Like your skin, your hair needs oil to provide moisture for it to be healthy and strong. We’re diving headfirst (pun intended) to give you the lowdown on all the different ways you can use hair oil to achieve healthy, glossy, and commercial-worthy tresses. But guess what? Its uses and benefits go beyond your scalp and lengths.

how to use hair oil

Pre-Wash Treatment

Picture this: a relaxing Sunday afternoon pampering session. Grab your hair oil of choice, part your hair into sections and massage a few drops (the amount depends on the texture and thickness of your mane) into your scalp, then distribute throughout lengths and ends. Grab a comb and run it through. For a deep conditioning ritual, wrap your hair in a warm towel before you hop in the shower, or a light bun and let the steam open and penetrate your hair cuticles. Wait at least 10 minutes before shampooing, follow with a nourishing conditioner on the ends and avoid rinsing with hot water. Ingredients like argan, jojoba, coconut and safou oil help create a protective shield, preventing the harsh shampoo from stripping away too much of your hair's natural oils.

Overnight Elixir

For an even deeper treatment, use your hair oil of choice as an overnight mask. Work into your hair from roots to ends before bed, plait into a light braid or toss it into a messy bun, cover with a silk wrap and allow the oils to penetrate while you’re in dreamland. Wash out the next day with shampoo. Overnight oil treatments that contain jojoba oil work particularly well if you suffer from thinning hair to stimulate growth and sweet almond oil if you’re experiencing an itchy scalp due to dandruff or product build.    

Tame that Mane

Dry and brittle hair weighing you down? Or is that frizzy mane facing the wrath of humidity? One of the best ways to revive your hair, particularly after day 2 of washing, is to warm a pump or two in your hands and gently run your hands through your hair, focusing on the ends and any other areas that tend to frizz or get dry. Comb through with a brush to make sure each strand is coated. You can also use a small drop to smooth down any flyaways. This is a quick and easy fix to give your hair a boost of hydration, inject shine and make it soft for the put-together look you need to kickstart your day. 

 Protect Against Damage

Just like our skin, our hair is prone to experiencing damage, not only from the sun, but also from heat, colouring and harsh chemicals. Enter the ultimate sidekick and protector: hair oils. Applying a small amount to damp hair as a primer before styling or to dry ends after a day in the sun can act as a barrier, shielding your strands from excessive heat and environmental stressors. Plus, the added bonus of a natural shine that catches the light just right for a ‘I woke up like this’ look.

Define and Detangle

This one is for our curly hair friends. Give your curls the definition it needs on wash days by taking a small amount of our liquid gold and warming it in your hands. Apply to damp hair from mid lengths to ends, scrunch lightly and either follow with a diffuser or leave to air dry. You can also apply damp hair and brush through with a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair before applying heat or leaving to dry naturally. This tip also works well on frizzy or fine hair to keep the ends soft and hydrated.

Versatility Beyond Hair

On your skin

Choosing a hair oil with ingredients such as jojoba oil, safou oil and grapeseed oil works wonders to hydrate and moisturise the skin for that luxe glow all year round, without leaving behind a greasy feeling. You can use it in the summer as an after sun or to hydrate your skin in the winter. You can either add a few drops to your bath, mix some into your body cream, apply on freshly dry brushed and cleansed skin after shower or for an at home spa experience use as a deep massage oil.


As a Beard and Face Oil

This section is specifically for the gentlemen in the room. Did you know that if you opt for a natural hair oil blended with plant extracts, it can also be used on your face to keep your beard soft, the skin underneath moisturised and itch free, while reducing dandruff? Introducing Body and Hair Oil to your grooming repertoire. 

Be gentle when applying oil to your face. Start by adding a few drops to your forehead and each cheek, then work in using your fingertips upward motions or the patting technique, taking extra care around the eye area and moving downwards to your neck. To elevate your face care routine, you can use a gua sha or roller tool for an at home spa facial. A gua sha tool can help to boost circulation, depuff, relieve tension and drain toxins, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, encourages collagen production, and induces relaxation and calm.

Nail and Cuticle Recovery

Elixirs that contain argan and almond oil have a secret nail and cuticle-nurturing secret power. A gentle massage of hair oil can nourish hardened and dry skin around the nails, strengthen your nail beds, stimulate growth and protect them. It’s a great step to add, especially after getting a fresh manicure or in between, and a great treatment before applying a hand cream.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it, the endless perks of hair oils unveiled, one drop at a time. A multitasking powerhouse when it comes to maintaining hair and even skin health. From rejuvenation to hydration and split-end salvation, hair oils are the ultimate cavalry to conquer your mane. If you’re in need of deep scalp treatment, look for ingredients that hydrate and strengthen. If you’re going for a styling tool to add to your arsenal, look for formulas that soften, promote shine and protect your strands. The Gold Drip Nourishing Body and Hair Oil by KOBA skincare takes the guesswork out of choosing your ideal hair ally. This versatile, natural oil is enriched with 8 luxurious plant oils, including safou oil, that boast all the essential vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants your skin and hair need to feel intensely nourished, protected, smoothed and radiant.

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