Embracing Winter Skin Care: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Skin Glowing And Hydrated In The Cold

Embracing Winter Skin Care: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Skin Glowing And Hydrated In The Cold Embracing Winter Skin Care: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Skin Glowing And Hydrated In The Cold

Welcome back to The Edit by KOBA skincare, your sanctuary for all things skincare. As the colder days are upon us our skin faces a battle against the harsh elements. Fear not, say goodbye to dry and itchy skin and hello to a radiant winter glow. We’re here to equip you with everything you need to prep your skin during this transition and to see you through the winter. 

So, grab a cup of your favourite warm drink, wrap yourself in a cosy blanket and join us as we explore the causes of winter dehydration and reveal our coveted winter skin saviour tips and tricks for glowing, supple, and protected skin throughout the year. 

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What causes itchy skin in the winter?

First things first, why does our skin act up when the temperatures and humidity levels drop? Well, it’s a blend of the crisp air outside and the cosy, warm indoors that bring challenges for your skin. When you step out, the chilly air weakens the skin’s lipid barrier and strips away its natural oils, leaving it vulnerable to irritation, flaking and gasping for moisture. Then you step inside and indoor heating, though a necessity, sucks the moisture out of the air and leaves the skin feeling dry and itchy. Moreover, those long, hot showers and bubble baths that feel like a luxury in the cold months draws further hydration away from the skin. The result? Dry, tight, vulnerable, dehydrated, and sometimes itchy skin. It’s no wonder that your skin craves extra attention and care as the season changes.

The Role of Humectants and Emollients

Humectants, like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, are your best friends in winter. They attract moisture from the surroundings and bind it to your skin, ensuring a continuous supply of hydration. Emollients, such as shea butter and safou oil, fill in the gaps between skin cells, creating a smooth, soft surface. These ingredients are like a warm, protective blanket for your skin, shielding it from the harsh winter winds.

Tips and Tricks for Itchy/Dry skin

Preventing water loss is the goal: Hydrated skin equals happy skin. But how do you do this you ask? Here’s the tea from the KOBA team for combatting dry, itchy skin in the cold:

H2O is Your BFF

Let’s start with the basics. The secret to hydrated skin all year round starts from the inside out. Grab that bottle of water and drink up like your skin depends on it – because it does! Sipping water throughout the day not only keeps your skin plump and radiant, but also flushes out toxins to impart a healthy glow. Pro tip: add a slice of lemon, cucumber or orange for that extra zing and dose of skin-loving essential vitamins and nutrients. And hey, herbal teas like chamomile and green tea count too, they hydrate and soothe the skin, plus they keep you feeling warm and cosy. 

Exfoliation, The Right Way

Creating a self-care routine that works for your skin is essential to keeping your skin hydrated throughout winter. Adding a gentle exfoliant to your routine can help to prep your skin to allow the ingredients in your beauty products to penetrate deeper. Start with introducing a dry brush once or twice a week (see our how to use here) and follow with our Soak Me Up Soap Bar. This soap bar embraces nature to deliver key hydrating and exfoliating ingredients that deliver smooth, clean and nourished skin. After exfoliation, indulge in a warm bath with a few drops of our Gold Drip Nourishing Body and Hair Oil for an added layer of hydration.

Dial Down The Temperature

As tempting as a warm hug is from a long, hot shower on a winter’s day, any time you wash your face, hands, or body, you strip your skin of its natural oils. Since these oils help to keep the skin hydrated, it’s important to limit and replace the loss. Opt for warm water instead and limit the duration of your shower time. Pat your skin gently with a soft towel after, don’t rub and follow up with a conditioning moisturiser such as our Milk It Body Lotion. Your skin is precious and delicate, treat it like silk.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

It’s now time to feed and quench your skin from the outside in. The best defence against dry winter skin is applying an effective moisturiser that is rich in skin-loving ingredients like vitamin C, which helps the skin to retain moisture and accelerates the production of collagen and elastin to plump and firm, and anti-inflammatory shea butter with nourishing properties to shield the skin and restore the barrier between your skin and the environment. Slather it on to add that extra barrier to prevent water loss, especially after a shower or bath when your pores are open and ready to drink up all that goodness. When choosing the right body care product for you, think about the type of skin you have, your personal texture preference and the desired result. For that morning rush, the Milk It Body Lotion offers an instant hit of hydration that will last throughout the day. To achieve that summer glow in the winter months, our multipurpose Gold Drip Body and Hair Oil blends 8 luxurious plat oils to intensely nourish and soften without the greasy finish. Don’t forget to care for your hands and apply a foot creamthey deserve some love and attention too!



Night-time Rituals

Make your night-time routine a priority during the colder months. A rich, heavier, and thicker cream before bed, such as our Get Whipped Body Balm, allows your skin to absorb all the goodness while you sleep for firmer, nourished skin when you wake up. Focus on areas prone to extra dryness, like elbows and knees. The whipped texture and power ingredients such as safou oil, shea butter, niacinamide, vitamin c, L-Carnitine and Phosphatidylcholine combine to condition and protect the skin, support cell regeneration, and enhance the skin’s ability to hold onto essential moisture. Consider massaging our Bottom Up Foot Cream into your feet once a week at night and locking up that moisture with a pair of soft fabric socks. Allow the hydrating formulas and textures to do the magic while you catch some Zs to reveal skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom when you awake.

Lip Service: Protect That Pout

The skin on your lips is thin and delicate, making it prone to chapping and becoming sore. Keep them soft, supple and exfoliated by applying our Feeling Myself Lip Balm throughout the day and layering up at night before bedtime. Massage any excess product on your fingertips into your nails and cuticles.

Your Indoor Oasis

If your skin is feeling parched, sore or itchy indoors, consider getting a humidifier. These magical devices add moisture to the air, preventing your skin from drying out like that slice of bread you forgot to cover. Place one in your bedroom, and let it work its wonders while you sleep and wake up with skin as fresh as the morning dew. Humidifiers not only benefit your skin, but also help with respiratory issues and ensure your houseplants thrive and protect your clothes, shoes and bags. It’s an all-round win-win-win solution.

SPF: The Winter Essential

A common misconception: sunscreen is only for summertime outings under the sun. However, UV rays can be just as damaging in winter and even on cloudy days. Add a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to your skincare routine, especially on our face, and protect your skin from premature wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.  

KOBA’s Nourishing Touch

At KOBA skincare we believe that hydrated skin is the key to healthy skin. We do this by creating products that harness the potency of nature, African beauty secrets and French expertise to deliver nourishment for all skin types. Safou oil, the hero of our formulations, is rich in essential vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties which impart a protective shield, sealing in moisture and ensuring your skin stays plump, smooth, and supple. A game-changing clean beauty ingredient and your secret weapon against the winter woes that provide your skin with the burst of long-lasting hydration it craves throughout the year.

There you have it

Our winter skin survival guide ensures that your skin not only survives but thrives during the winter. Winter might be cold, but your skin doesn’t have to be dry, itchy, or sore. Armed with the wisdom shared here and the nourishing touch of KOBA skincare, you can face the bitter cold with confidence knowing that your skin is protected, hydrated and radiant.

Your skin is resilient, but it needs your care to embrace the winter months and empower it to weather the storm. Until next time, keep glowing, hydrating, and basking in the beauty of each season that comes your way.

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