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Clean Beauty

At KOBA skincare, we are committed to developing a range of products that are effective and safe to use on the skin, while being kind to the planet. Clean beauty, for us, means bringing together luxury with clean ingredients, responsible sourcing and manufacturing and sustainably conscious design.

Our Ingredients

KOBA began with the desire to provide lasting hydration and improve the appearance of your Edges, the parts of the body that are most exposed to loss of moisture, external stressors and free radicals. With this in mind, we have taken the time and care to find the most beneficial ingredients. Experimenting with powerful botanical oils, butters and waxes, as well as African fruit extracts, we have created bespoke formulas that are safe, ethically and environmentally responsible and perform for your skin.

We focus on using ingredients that are ethically cultivated using responsible harvesting practices, without depleting natural supply. We keep our formulas simple and thoughtful, using only ingredients that are necessary and essential to achieve the best results for your skin. Our promise: natural where possible with no extra fluff.

All our products are formulated with at least 97% natural ingredients that are high-performing, skin-loving and multi-tasking for powerful results. The rest are ingredients we trust are safe and ensure our formulas remain stable to deliver the best results without the use of toxins and other nasty chemicals. Free from parabens, sls, sles, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colouring, aluminium, synthetic perfume and alcohol. 

All our ingredients stay true to our philosophy of simplicity, naturality and safety. Visit our ingredients page for complete transparency of what we put into our products. 

Sourcing & Manufacturing

We source our ingredients as close as possible to our factories to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible. Apart from the African ingredients safou oil, shea butter and baobab oil most of our ingredients are from France or Europe. Our shea butter, from Burkina Faso and Ghana, is thoughtfully sourced by our laboratories along with the other raw materials used in our products. Safou oil is native to the tropical forests in Central and Western Africa, with our safou being sourced from Cameroon. We work with skilled local farmers who use traditional and artisanal methods in the handling of the safou fruit. Using a gentle and manual technique, we extract the oil from the pulp of the safou fruit by pressing it after it has dried naturally in the sun, only taking what we need and keeping this artisanal skill alive. We do not use any machinery, thus saving on artificial energy.  

​​We are dedicated to using as little energy (water and electricity) as possible in our production lines, carefully selecting our manufacturing partners whose ethical practices align with ours. With a rich heritage in skincare, our partner laboratories in Aix en Provence, Chartres and Grasse in France pay a lot of attention to waste and energy, even reusing water in the production of certain products.  

Clean Beauty


In our sustainability journey, we are making every effort to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise the waste produced by our packaging. We have partnered with green manufacturers to provide product and outer packaging that are eco-conscious and recyclable, while keeping your products stable and fresh. Convenience and ease of use, as well as aesthetics, are also at the centre of our minds when designing casings. We strive to leave no trace in the environment, using recyclable materials and sustainable transportation wherever possible. Committed to innovation, we are constantly looking for clean alternatives. 


For our creams we use aluminium tubes. Aluminium is light and durable, which means we can offset some of our footprint when shipping. Its unique shape also allows us to guarantee area efficiency. Aluminium is airtight, keeping our products fresh for longer, without losing its quality. Simply press down and fold over to squeeze out every drop. Plus, we love the vintage look. We opted for a glass jar for our lip balm because glass is sustainable, inert, reusable, and completely recyclable. They can also be upcycled at home and it looks so chic on your desk or bedside table.


When recycling your KOBA products you must first check your local recycling program to confirm the types of waste they are able to collect. Make sure the containers are empty and rinsed as items with more than 10% of residual product cannot be recycled. 

How to recycle our tubes:

Make an incision on the side of tube

Clean out excess product

Remove cap and recycle separately


How to recycle our jars:

Remove lid and throw the operculum

Clean out excess product

Recycle jar and cap separately

Our Commitments Our Commitments

Our Commitments

Since our inception we have strived to become more respectful of the environment, have a positive impact on society, and support customers with straight-talking transparency. Dedicated to being ethical, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free, we have worked tirelessly to gain certain certifications.

We believe in treating all beings with love and respect. Proud members of the Beauty Without Bunnies Programme created by PETA, our formulations and testing processes have been reviewed and approved by them. We are committed to not test on animals, and we work hard with our labs to develop formulas suitable for vegans. 

Sustainability to us also means that we give back. The 1% for the Planet programme funds projects with a positive impact on the environment. We have committed, from launch, to allocate 1% of our annual revenues to projects in Africa where our main ingredient, safou oil, comes from. We look forward to sharing real updates on these projects very soon, so stay tuned!

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